STAY LIVE CONNECT is a global initiative brought to you by five renowned sports-, music- and entertainment-agencies spanning across England, Germany and the US.

Our mission for this cause is made clear within the STAY LIVE CONNECT logo, which illustrates a stylised globe featuring a multitude of colours with a beautifully drawn heart at the centre of it all, painted by the world’s most licensed artist, Romero Britto.

The heart and globe combined in one, symbolise unity, community, hope and love, driven by a global movement of winners who won’t let this global pandemic stop them from doing good and going LIVE, joining hands in saving millions of hearts, one heart at a time.

“I fully support the STAY LIVE CONNECT effort to help the NHS and other important causes. I like the concept of the event and its international character. It is something different to combine gaming and music.

My wife and I have started to raise money for the NHS last month. We strongly believe what the NHS is doing for us needs to be remembered. We are facing the biggest challenge of our generation. Nothing else has affected that many people around the world. This is a global battle.”

Joe Cole, English International Soccer Star

“As the founder of The Happy Art Movement and an active philanthropist I did not think twice when I was asked to support the STAY LIVE CONNECT Covid19-charity initiative. There are a variety of ways to do something good. I like the idea of a global approach, especially when it includes Brazil, where I come from, and the US, where I live. I am pleased that my art is part of the STAY LIVE CONNECT logo and that I can help.

In today’s times the global health care systems and the people working there need all the support we could give them. They are the ones who will guide us through this global pandemic.”

Romero Britto, World Famous Artist

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